Cilia – an autonomic component-based mediation framework

Cilia is an autonomic mediation framework dedicated to complex physical environments like manufacturing plants, electrical infrastructures or smart buildings. This framework is used to allow companies to dynamically improve their operational processes. The purpose of Cilia is twofold. First, it aims to simplify the work of developers and administrators by o ering a limited set of abstractions to support the design, deployment execution, and administration of mediation solutions. The framework hides many technical details related to mediation operations like synchronisation, communication, and even security in some respect. The aim of Cilia is also to off er autonomic administration capabilities to deal with dynamic environments and evolving needs of the decision-makers. Such ability to self-adapt to the current context is crucial for of our industrial partners. Cilia is used in collaborative projects with Orange Labs and Schneider Electric. It is also the support of several ongoing PhD thesis. Cilia was initiated by the Issac Garcia’s PhD. It is also worked out in Denis Morand’s PhD and Etienne Gandrille’s (current).