RoSe – an extensible and dynamic distribution framework

RoSe is a service integration middleware, also available in open source (OW2). It captures the arrival and departure of devices and manages their usage. RoSe also maintains a runtime model of the available devices and services. The platform currently handles a number of protocols including DPWS, UPnP Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc. RoSe is also designed to dynamically export services according to di erent protocols (Web Services for instance). RoSe is internationally used, essentially in Europe and Asia. Speci cally, RoSe is today integrated in products in Japan, Vietnam, USA (Hawaii) and Germany (for the management of utility vehicles fleet in this latter case). RoSe is also very much used in the Grenoble area (CEA, Orange, Bull and small companies like Peergreen). RoSe was initiated by the Jonathan Bardin’s PhD. It is still extended with projects like AppsGate or Amiqual4Home.